About Us

Zevacor Molecular is a healthcare firm that manufactures PET and SPECT Radiopharmaceuticals.

We specialize in:

1) Advisory services and consulting
2) Physician alignment strategies
3) Turnkey project development for new and expansion of existing ancillary services
4) Market analytics, informatics, business planning, and financial analysis
5) Legal and regulatory
6) Capital equipment
7) Construction oversight and management
8) Financing

Currently, most molecular isotopes are purchased from large medical distribution companies. With large health care service providers of nuclear and PET imaging services like yourselves, we have been able to develop a model that produces significant cost savings, and a model that can generate large profits.

Zevacor just finished a project with Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur, Illinois. Your group and Decatur are similar in that both entities control high patient volumes; both are affiliated with a large network of friendly service providers of PET and nuclear imaging services in a relatively tight geographic area. The Decatur project involved the development of a Cyclotron Manufacturing facility, establishing FDA licensure, establishing a radioactive license, and the construction of a Nuclear Pharmacy that dispenses nuclear medicine isotopes/agents and contrast media.

The primary financial driver for Decatur Memorial was its desire to reduce the cost of radioisotopes that it currently pays to an outside provider and to launch a Cardiac PET Imaging program. In order to provide Cardiac PET, the hospital needed a reliable source for isotopes. The two choices that exist in the market today include Rubidium supplied by one source and Ammonia which would need to be supplied by a Nuclear Pharmacy. With Rubidium being pulled off the market last year, and with no Nuclear Pharmacy being able to provide Ammonia, Decatur decided to engage Zevacor to develop a plan to build a Cyclotron Manufacturing Center and Nuclear Pharmacy so it could produce its own Ammonia for Cardiac PET Scans, FDG for Oncology PET Scans, Sodium Fluoride for PET Bone Scans, preclinical PET Compounds, and Sestamibi (Cardiolite) for Cardiac Nuclear Studies.

The manufacturing center/Nuclear Pharmacy not only produces nuclear agents/isotopes for Decatur patients, it also produces nuclear agents/isotopes for five other friendly PET and nuclear medicine imaging providers within a four hour radius. The center also contracted to supply isotopes in bulk to other manufacturers/suppliers/competitors. The net benefit is millions of dollars in cost savings, and millions in profits through the sale of isotopes to the other service providers. Decatur will also have access to a large number of new and research radiopharmaceuticals that otherwise could not be used because many of the new drugs have short half-lives. Since the Cyclotron is on site, those newer isotopes can now be utilized, giving Decatur a major leg up in new cost effective technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart disease. Zevacor is in the process of submitting its ANDA for C-11 Choline and plans on providing it under IND protocols until approval is received.

ZEVACOR would create the feasibility study and business case. If a business case exists;

1) ZEVACOR would help identify a site, oversee the design and building of the center;
2) ZEVACOR would provide all capital equipment needed to produce, manufacture and compound radiopharmaceuticals for all disciplines of molecular imaging;
3) ZEVACOR would provide all on going management for FDA licensure requirements;
4) ZEVACOR would provide on-going center management;
5) ZEVACOR would establish and manage sales and marketing services of products to all hospitals in the area;
6) ZEVACOR would establish and manage sales and marketing services of products to third party service providers needing radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging;
7) By having an in house nuclear pharmacy, ZEVACOR would be able to oversee the new JCAHO requirements for the enforcement of legend drug management, and the new requirement for all patients records to be reviewed by a pharmacist prior to administrating contrast media and radiopharmaceuticals.