Pioneering the Next Generation of Imaging Agents

Zevacor is committed to the future of molecular imaging and the development of a new generation of disease-specific tracers and companion therapeutics. Our efforts are focused in two key areas.

First, we are working with pharmaceutical, biotech and academic medical community partners in the development of new, targeted molecular tracers employing high resolution PET/CT technology and designed to provide accurate, specific diagnostic information for physicians. Development of these radiopharmaceuticals is expected to significantly broaden the impact of molecular medicine. Areas of research include kidney cancer, apoptosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, hypoxia, Parkinson’s, angiogenesis, cardiac perfusion, Dementia with Lewy bodies, acute coronary syndrome and a range of specific cancer indications.

Second, Zevacor is providing pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies and research institutions with a full range of radiopharmaceutical development services for diagnostic and therapeutic compounds. The company’s Centers of Innovation, along with the Zevacor network of pharmacies, offer expertise in radiolabelling, “scale-up” to manufacturing, technology transfer and production of doses for clinical trials. Zevacor relies on its proven expertise of developing, registering and supplying radiopharmaceuticals under strict CGMP standards. Our goal is to help accelerate the development of new products to positively impact patient care and outcomes.

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