Zevacor Molecular Installs Only Commercial 70 MeV Cyclotron Dedicated to Medical Use in the United States

Cyclone 70 to stabilize U.S. supply of Strontium 82, produce next generation of radiopharmaceutical products

Noblesville, Indiana (September 10, 2015) – Zevacor Molecular (Zevacor), a healthcare firm that manufactures and distributes PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals, announced the arrival of a 70 MeV Cyclotron at its new production facility in Noblesville, Indiana.

The 140-ton Cyclone 70P®, manufactured in Belgium by Ion Beam Applications, S.A, is the first commercial 70 MeV Cyclotron dedicated to medical use in the United States. Expected to be fully operational in the 1st quarter of 2016, the cyclotron is being installed in a new, state-of-the-art high capacity manufacturing center, which will house a complement of radioisotope synthesis equipment able to produce a broad range of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical and research applications.

“Our aim is two-fold,” said John Zehner, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Zevacor Molecular. “First, we are working to stabilize the domestic supply of medical isotopes, including Strontium 82, needed to diagnose and treat critical illnesses. Second, we are taking the lead in securing the future of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging through the growth and development of new diagnostics and therapeutics. Our goal is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other critical illnesses.”

The initial primary focus of the 70 MeV Cyclotron will be the commercial manufacture of Strontium 82 to ensure an ample, stable U.S.-based supply of Strontium 82/Rubidium 82 generators for use in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. The cyclotron will also be employed to produce a wide variety of other radionuclides for both research and clinical applications.

View a short video regarding the Cyclone 70P unit being installed at Zevacor.

About the Cyclone 70P®

The Cyclone 70P is an optimized, high power proton cyclotron with variable proton acceleration in the energy range of 30 to 70 MeV. The 140 ton unit has 2 ports, 6 beam lines and capabilities for solid, liquid and gas targets. It was manufactured by Ion Beam Applications, S.A, (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium).
More information can be found at www.iba-worldwide.com

About the Facility

The Zevacor Molecular manufacturing facility in Noblesville, Indiana, where the 70 MeV cyclotron is being installed, represents a significant investment and vision for the production and development of diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical products. This facility houses the cyclotron, an extensive production center, research and development space as well as offices for the company staff. The cyclotron vault, which encompasses the 140-ton accelerator, is approximately 25,000 sq ft. in size and was constructed with 11,000 cubic yards of concrete and 300 tons of reinforcing steel. Adjacent to the vault is the production area, approximately 11,000 sq. ft. in size with multiple synthesis and processing units, A broad range of clinical and research radioisotopes will be produced and distributed from the manufacturing facility.

About Zevacor Molecular

Zevacor Molecular (Zevacor) is a U.S. healthcare firm that manufactures PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals. The company, established in 2012, is dedicated to providing medical isotopes to support the diagnosis and treatment of critical illnesses. Headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana, Zevacor is part of the Illinois Health and Science (IHS) family of companies, which includes Decatur Memorial Hospital, Integrated Health Network and IBA Molecular North America, Inc. (IBA). Zevacor and IBA, as affiliated radiopharmaceutical manufacturers, are committed to the IHS mission of enhancing the span, experience and quality of human life through improved patient care and outcomes.

More information can be found at www.zevacor.com.