Zevacor Molecular Successfully Produces C-11 Choline

Broader distribution of C-11 Choline will allow more patients access to diagnosis 

Indianapolis, IN (October 14, 2013, revised April 10, 2015) – Zevacor Molecular is now able to successfully produce C-11 Choline at its flagship site in Decatur, Illinois. C-11 Choline is a powerful prostate cancer imaging agent that may help clinicians localize the source/spread of prostate cancer in men if the disease recurs after therapy. Currently, the labeling for C-11 PET imaging indicates it is not a replacement for histologic verification of recurrent prostate cancer. Zevacor is studying new uses of C-11 Choline.

According to the National Cancer Institute, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Of those, one in three will have the cancer return after surgery or treatment. Of men whose cancer progresses while on hormone therapy, four out of five will have it spread to other areas of the body.

“Currently, clinicians follow prostate cancer patients with periodic PSA levels, and use MRI, CT, and/or technetium bone scanning to localize the source and spread of the disease. However, current imaging technology often cannot find the location of the disease,” said Zevacor Molecular Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John Zehner.

“We believe this development in the production of C-11 Choline will be a step in the right direction when it comes to the identification and treatment of reoccurrence and spread of prostate cancer. Upon approval of the Abbreviated New Drug Application process, we intend to make C-11 Choline available at all our distribution sites.”

Currently there is only one location in the U.S. that provides patient access to this cancer imaging drug with a New Drug Application or Abbreviated New Drug Application.

Zevacor Molecular was established in 2012. Part of Zevacor’s mission is to help advance the care of patients through the provision of advanced diagnostic agents. Their efforts come at a time when there is little certainty of supply in the market for medical isotopes. The 70 MeV Zevacor is purchasing will have the ability to supply patients with medically necessary isotopes used for diagnostic imaging and therapies within oncology, neurology and cardiology. This also opens up several research isotopes currently not widely available in the US such as Copper67, a therapeutic for treating cancer.